5 simple daily habits to change your life

I decided to dedicate my 2020 to being more intentional with the way I love myself and having better and more health conscious lifestyle choices. Everything I do is all linked together in me trying and wanting to do better and  be a better person than I was yesterday. I realized that it’s not about making huge changes in your life and who you are but about all the little changes you make in your day to day routine that will impact real progress and change in your life. Continue reading “5 simple daily habits to change your life”

How I Stay Motivated

Motivation only goes so far, then comes discipline.’

I once read a quote somewhere that said ‘motivation goes only so far, then comes discipline’ and I couldn’t agree more. My whole life I have always been someone who finds motivation from many different sources but maintaining that motivation and producing results has never been my forte. I was the most inconsistent person I knew, I could always start a new eating plan or exercise regime or morning routine but I could never stay consistent with it until I actually received the benefits of the consistency, simply because I get bored easily and I hate repeating the same things all the time (the Sagittarius in me, not my fault lol.) Continue reading “How I Stay Motivated”

3 reasons you should be juicing right now!

Nirmala Juice, a black owned and female owned company I spoke about in my previous post about black businesses in South Africa you can support was kind enough to send me some samples of their delicious juices to try out. I have always loved smoothies and lived on them for about 6 months in 2018 when I went vegan and had no idea what to eat because I absolutely detested most vegetables (makes total sense to go vegan when you hate vegetables, right ?). In the end what started out for me as a meal replacer ended up having so many health benefits that I have continued having smoothies and juices since then ! Here are some health benefits and things I learned whilst juicing: Continue reading “3 reasons you should be juicing right now!”

How Are Your 2020 Goals Coming Along ?

June is coming to an end, so that means that we are halfway done with 2020. This year has been the most dramatic and life changing year, for many people and for reasons most of us hadn’t anticipated. When the year began, I, along with so many other people were so excited about this new decade and set so many goals I wanted to achieve. I had a vision board that I created because I was so confident that this year was going to be the most productive, positive and fulfilling year of my life. Continue reading “How Are Your 2020 Goals Coming Along ?”

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

This is one of the questions I get asked the most and finally, I am going to answer the question! I have seen a lot of people with good Instagram feeds being asked and they simply say ‘Lightroom’. But what they don’t tell you is how complicated Lightroom really is and how much work you actually have to put in to get really great pictures and a feed to match. I am going to give you some pointers to get your feed looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible and help you understand why it’s more than just ‘Lightroom’ that contributes to you having a good feed. Continue reading “How I Edit My Instagram Photos”