5 Things I Have Learned Recently

1) Routine Is Good

For the longest time, especially in high school, I hated routines. I hated having scheduled times to do everything, the “dictatorship” of it all. And I can’t believe that less than 5 years later, I love and crave routine so much. I am so much more productive, focused and achieve all my goals when I have clear routines I stick to. My morning and night routines have been so imperative in me discovering myself all over again and becoming a better version of myself. Continue reading “5 Things I Have Learned Recently”

How I Deal With Anxiety & Being Overwhelmed

Hi lovelies, I hope you’re all doing well & having an amazing start to your week.

I thought I’d share this post because this month I’ve really been struggling with having very little energy and generally just feeling not like myself therefore I’m not productive which then leads to being anxious and having my work pile up and then feeling overwhelmed. This always happens to me when the year is ending and I’m basically running on empty. This year has been especially tough for all of us so my low energy days have basically turned into a low energy month. Continue reading “How I Deal With Anxiety & Being Overwhelmed”

5 Things I Really Do On #SelfCareSunday

#SelfCareSunday has become one of the biggest trends ever. I love that taking care of yourself and prioritizing yourself is now such a norm for so many of us but I also feel that there is a common misconception that self care only comprises of pampering yourself because that’s the narrative that’s mainly pushed on social media. We see face masks and be bubble baths and think the work is done when really, Self Care Sunday goes beyond that and should comprise everything you need to do in order to go into the new week feeling good about yourself and ready to take on the week and that’s why I thought I’d share everything I do on a Sunday to prepare for my week. Continue reading “5 Things I Really Do On #SelfCareSunday”

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Hi lovelies, I hope you’re all doing well and ready for a new month with new goals and new intentions.

I can’t believe I’m even writing a post like this because a year ago I never used to eat breakfast. I used to detest waking up early to make breakfast, I used to feel sick after eating too early and I used to generally be very lazy about the way I was choosing to feed my body. A year later and I cannot function without eating a good breakfast (and having my iced coffee of course). I’ve come to learn so many yummy and delicious healthy and filling breakfast recipes and I’m gonna share my top three with you today. Continue reading “3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas”

5 Self Care Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I discovered the world of podcasts recently and my life has been changed. I think in a time when we’re all so conscious of the people we’re becoming and we’re all so self aware it’s also so important to be learning more and feeding your body, mind and soul the best nutrients. What you’re taking in is more than what you eat, it’s what you’re listening to and what you’re reading too. Continue reading “5 Self Care Podcasts You Should Be Listening To”